Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

PRICING To attend Campfire Oregon is: $500 for all inclusive (including tent, food, beverage, sleeping bag, etc for you to keep and you just show up). OR $250 for camp site and food only and you cover other costs you may need at the event (bring your own tent, sleeping supplies, cover your own costs of activities and rentals, etc). If you are bringing a plus 1, it is only an additional $250, which comes to a total of $750 for 2 people in one tent for the all inclusive.

Why Oregon?

Oregon Summer's can't be beat. The weather is perfect to be active in, swim in, or just lounge and relax in this time of year. Also, Oregon offers a wide variety of activities that are many people's bucket list that can be knocked off in a single day. This resort offers all amenities our guests will need, while still offering a "roughing it" mentality. The dark star lit skies. The beautiful pine filled forests. The snow capped volcanic mountains. The world famous trails and former wonder of the world. The wildlife. The cabins. The list can go on. This experience is one that seasoned outdoorsmen, and first time campers will all enjoy no matter your background.